Letter From The President

debbie picture (3) Happy Anniversary! I say this proudly as I am exceedingly excited to serve as this year’s President during the Wellington Chamber of Commerce’s and the Village of Wellington’s 20th Anniversary.  It is an honor to follow in the footsteps of many great community leaders as I forge a new path and make this year stand out as the landmark year that it is. Let’s leave a legacy from the 20th year anniversary by moving our chamber forward through the use of some of the latest technology. It is a goal of mine to continue the research we have already begun to create and implement an app for our chamber. Some of my plans for the app include the ability to highlight our members and make it easier for everyone to interact with each other and engage in the chamber through technology. I want to focus on providing all members with fingertip access to the chamber through this app that will not only keep everyone knowledgeable about what is going on but will provide an avenue of engagement. It is my hope that this will enable more members an easier way to interact with each other, promote their business on a consistent basis and further participate in events and networking. Keeping in mind all the hard work the chamber has put forth in the past years, I plan on continuing to build on our existing successes. I would like to set a goal for us to double the participation in the Colorfest 5K Run this year with a much larger business vendor area, increase leadership and participation on committees in order to enable more success in different events, focus on renewing our Young Professionals Committee, increase and strengthen the medical segment of the chamber and work closely with the Village on a new concept for the medical arts district, as well as giving businesses a voice in the decision with K Park.  I know that by utilizing the respective talents of each board member, we will be able to increase our membership and leadership in the chamber enabling us to experience continued success with these projects as well as new ones in the future. I am extremely proud of The Women of the Wellington Chamber group that was created and has grown this past year. In September of 2015, the “30 Women 30 Nights” campaign was implemented where each month a different charity is chosen and WOW creates a philanthropic event benefiting that charity. This has enabled us to engage the female members in philanthropic work as well as help and highlight the nonprofit organizations within our chamber. It is my goal to see this group grow as well as use this model to create other committees that will actively help businesses in our community. None of these achievements would be possible without member support. The work you do in running your business is extremely important. Thank you for all you do to maintain a successful business. We also have to acknowledge the work of chamber officers and board members who have donated countless hours into chamber planning and programming along with the hard work and dedication from our executive director. This year, I am committed to listening to all ideas with an open mind so as to grow and support a chamber that is full and rich with many ideas, participation, and networking among our business community. I am very proud to have been given this opportunity to represent the chamber in this leadership position and will do everything in my power to make sure that we have a successful and rewarding year. Sincerely, Debbie Crompton