Message from the President

I am truly honored and humbled to be your President of the Wellington Chamber of Commerce for 2019/2020. 

The Village of Wellington was named after Charles Oliver Wellington who coincidently like myself was an accountant. In addition he was also an aviator so a true businessman.

The book definition of a Chamber of Commerce is a local association to promote and protect the interests of the business community in a particular place.  Members of a Chamber come from local businesses made up of different industries.  When you see a business is a member of a local Chamber there is a feeling of trust and consumers are more likely to turn into customers of these businesses.  My guess is I’m not telling you something you don’t already know.

We always talk about one’s success in the Chamber being related to one’s involvement and that is so true.  So how does one become involved?  Woody Allen once said “Showing Up is 80% of Success.  Sometimes it’s easier to hide home in bed.  I’ve done both”

So how does one show up?  Well for starters why not join some of the many great committees we have here in the Chamber. 

Equestrian – We all know that the Equestrian industry is the Foundation of Wellington and this committee connects them to both businesses and residents socially and economically.

Business and Economic Development – This committee was a very integral part of the Chamber this past year as we looked into different projects including the proposal for a Town Center

Health and Wellness  This committee educates the community on health and wellness as well as safety and other quality of life issues.  They put on a 5K run every year which is so much fun to watch I may even consider running in next years.

Ambassadors These are the usually the first smiling faces you see when you join the Chamber as well as at our great mixers, luncheons and special events.  They even will make the occasional ‘house call’ to your business with our trusty I-Pad to do a little video with you.

Women of Wellington This Chamber group helps our female chamber members with new business opportunities and connections through Charitable events and workshops.  This group is also open to any female spouse or partner of our male members.

Small Business Roundtable This Committee was the first one I joined and am a former chair.  Almost every member of the Chamber is a small business or runs their’s like one.  Educational Workshops and fun networking events connect our members in lasting ways.

Hopefully one of those committees is a fit for you and if you’re not sure please talk to me and I would be happy to guide you to the right one.

The Wellington Chamber is more than just Committees, we have some of the biggest and clearly the best events that Wellington has to offer.  Our food and wine event, Flavors has everything.  Food, Wine, Music and Dancing.  Our 5K run which I alluded to above has become a staple in the Wellington Chamber and of course we all know how we start our holidays in December.  Winterfest featuring Pop Icon Vanilla Ice.  I think as we get older we see the holidays a little differently perhaps through our children’s eyes or maybe we lose that childlike innocence. I promise you come to Winterfest and you will feel like that young child all over again.

Of course Networking is a big part of the Chamber.  If you like lunches, come to our monthly lunches at the beautiful International Polo Club where you will see great speakers and panel discussions.  Perhaps you’re an after-hours person; we have monthly evening mixers at local restaurants where you will meet other Chamber members.

Our fantastic board of directors will put your interests ahead of their own.  We all have a goal to make sure you succeed because your success is a reflection on OUR Wellington Chamber of Commerce.

I also want to acknowledge our Executive Director.  Make no mistake about it,  Michela Green is the true face of this Chamber.  I have had a front row seat over the last few years and I continue to be amazed how she can help members through various issues while single handedly putting on big events.  I have learned so much from her and am looking forward to working with her as well as our Board of Directors this next year to make your Chamber one you can be proud of. 

For this year the goal is to increase our membership as well as working with the Village of Wellington to make sure Businesses continue to succeed in Wellington. 

For our Chamber members, the best part of my Chamber experience is you.  Long after I stop doing what I’m doing and telling bad jokes I will still have you as my dear friends and extended family.  If I haven’t met you in person as of yet please reach out whether it’s at one of our events or contacting me via phone or e-mail.  I will work hard for you as President and I will promote and protect your interests the best I can.  Know that my door is always open for any suggestions or problems you may have.  I can’t promise every suggestion I hear will be implemented but I do promise to listen and bring back to our board for discussion.  Thank you.

Stuart A. Hack