Side Project Inc.

2405 Quantum Blvd.
Boynton Beach , Florida 33426

Phone: (561) 755-7433

Jeffrey Kromknecht, MSW and Jeff is a lawyer, author, and speaker who has a passion for helping others. He is the co-founder and Managing Attorney of Side Project Inc. Jeff is licensed to practice law in both Pennsylvania and Florida. He holds graduate degrees in both social work and law and has more than 15 years of experience working at nonprofit organizations in a variety of direct-service and management roles is a nonprofit incubator and social change accelerator. Their work supports individuals, organizations, and institutions focused on social change as they try to begin to identify, utilize, and add to the existing assets of their community. Since 2012, has helped hundreds of small and start-up grassroots nonprofit organizations establish a strong foundation by helping them with legal and operational challenges. Side Project provides resources, training, and technical assistance to nonprofit leaders and community organizers. Trainings focus on legal issues faced by nonprofits, community organizing strategies, inclusion for all people, and more. Their strategy starts with the assumption that EVERYONE IN A COMMUNITY HAS SOMETHING TO OFFER. Products include Nonprofit Incubator Program, Charitable Registration Compliance Services, General Counsel Support for Small Nonprofits and Training & Education.

Business Category: Legal Services/Attorney

2405 Quantum Blvd. Boynton Beach , Florida 33426

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