KK Wellness Consulting

Wellington, Florida 33449

Contact: Kelly Killen

Kelly Killen and KK Wellness Consulting. ?Kelly Killen is a Certified Wellness Coach specializing in assessing clients wellness and nutrition needs. Kelly uses the principles of applied behavior analysis to modify eating behaviors in order to change and improve the lives of her clients. Kelly has been a coach & fitness enthusiast since 1999. She has been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst since 2009. Kelly achieved her PRO status in natural Bodybuilding in 2012 with the IFPA. She has helped numerous clients achieve their personal fitness and nutrition goals. KK Wellness Consulting is a nutrition coaching company of diversified coach/clinicians specializing in behavior, psychology, nutrition, fitness and medicine. KK Wellness Consulting, LLC, works to help clients find a balance in life, providing support regarding their relationship with food and fitness. Their team places equal importance on helping you find a physical, emotional, and spiritual balance that you seek to address these issues. They own the slogan Prepping for Life.

Business Category: Health/Fitness/Weight Loss

Wellington, Florida 33449

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