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1936 Richard Ln.
West Palm Beach, FL 33406

Contact: Dave Gagleard
Phone: 305.849.3135

DAVE RATES HIMSELF THE TOP ADVISOR OF BEST OPTIONS IN THE HEALTH INSURANCE REALM IN THE LAND. This is quite a unique position or title (Dave Knows health® is a mission, really), born out of his very own experience. Years back, having to navigate the intricate, often confusing and obfuscating waters of health insurance… and its many complementary, overlapping, 1000-rules-before-you-even-know-where-you-are options, Dave was probably in the same position you are now: 1000 questions and you don’t know how to start making sense of it all… Essentially, Dave is a one-stop shop, making it his mission to properly and wholesomely advise and guide individual persons and families on how to match their unique needs and situations to the best option out there… basically, what will give you and yours the most bang for your buck and top plan flexibility. Dave takes great pride in all the help he has offered so far to the self-employed, business owners, individuals and families across the United State, and the many more to come. Dave is licensed in 27 states. He is a health insurance consultant professional who specializes in HOPE: Helping Other People Every day. He has access to innovative and affordable health coverage solutions that satisfy many unique needs and situations. “Use me as a resource, a Subject Matter Expert in the world of health insurance! If you have questions, I have the answers. I strive to make it as easy as possible for Americans to comprehend & obtain the best health coverage option available to them.”

Business Category: Insurance Services

1936 Richard Ln. West Palm Beach, FL 33406

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