VenturePlus Promotions, LLC

3260 Fairlane Farms Road Suite #7
Wellington, Florida 33414

Contact: Ted Biribin
Phone: (855) 502-7587

VenturePlus™ provides specialized benefit and warranty programs that deliver peace of mind. Programs are turnkey - from marketing and administration to technology – they have you covered. Let VenturePlus™ protect your passion. ShowPlus protects your passion at select horse shows internationally. ShowPlus® is the first of its kind horse and rider benefits program. Designed to reimburse out-of-pocket costs that may not be covered by insurance, ShowPlus® allows riders and owners alike to compete with peace of mind. AcutePlus™ is the first-of-its-kind horse health membership program offered through trusted veterinarians. The members only program is designed to promote horse health and grow your relationship with your veterinarian. TravelPlus™ Protection is a benefits program provided by participating equine transport companies to protect their clients from the uncertainties of transport, whether domestically or internationally, ground or air. BreederPlus is a protection program that offers benefits in-case of injury or illness related to equine breeding or birth. The program starts with the sire and the dam, extends through breeding and gestation, and ends when the foal reaches six months.

Business Category: Equestrian Services

3260 Fairlane Farms Road Suite #7 Wellington, Florida 33414

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