February Luncheon

Wendy“Embracing Life in the Workspace”

Featuring Wendy Soderman…  

Wendy will touch on her personal story (featured in A&E Documentary, Between The Lines).. Professionals will learn to bring together the disciplines of many areas to problem solve to provide the best service to their clientele as well as create a workspace for success.

In just one hour we will learn to apply “Living Above The Line” strategies that are aligned with making positive well-being, a core element in one’s personal and professional life (and culture of an organization). Our attendees will be empowered to integrate practical, positive, mindful techniques and language into how they lead, handle various workplace stressors, interact in relationships, and embrace wonders and obstacles in life.

Attendees will be inspired to overcome adversity and make personal and professional dreams a reality,  learn combinations of strategies and practices for becoming more resilient to stress and empowered to stay “above the line” and find a positive perspective in order to to create a compassionate work environment where they will all rise to higher standards and accountability.

Chamber Monthly Luncheon Event

The Wellington Chamber of Commerce graciously welcomes members as well as prospective members to this monthly event. If you are a non-member and have not attended a Chamber event ( Luncheons, Chamber After Dark, WOW Events ) in the last six months, you are welcome to attend as a non-member. Non renewing members are not eligible to attend this event.

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