clocks Speed Networking Faster Than the Speed of Business. Speed Networking has taken off, and it's not slowing down!   This is all about Making connections.  What is it? Each participant gets a number and a "score card". The format allows for a lot of conversational flexibility. After one minutes elapses, participants move on to the new conversations, a new face, and a new opportunity to make a connection. The Object?  Leave the event with an expanded web of business contacts, clients, customers, confidants, etc.  Your Obligation?  Nothing but your time. No glancing at the ceiling and wishing you were talking with someone else. NO AWKWARD SILENCES. With the Chamber and SBRT organizers behind maximizing the networking experience, your only focus will be on making new contacts and expanding your networking circle.  Be sure to bring PLENTY of business cards!  The Rules...  YOU MUST ARRIVE ON TIME FOR THIS EVENT!  LUNCHEON REGISTRATION WILL BEGIN 11:15 BUFFET WILL BE OPEN AT 11:30 BUFFET WILL CLOSE AT 12:15 SPEED NETWORKING BEGINS PROMPTLY AT 12:15  EVENT CONCLUDES AT 1:00 PM TICKETS ONLY AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR NOW