WHY ARE WE SO BUSY? Special Event Luncheon!

Ever wonder why we are always so busy? Are we really that busy or is this just the catch phrase of the day?  “Ugh, I’m so Busy”… Is this a status symbol for our time? Are we maximizing our time?  What exactly is keeping us so busy? Let’s find out together! 

Meet Keynote speaker Juan Ortega 

Juan, a sought after speaker for more than 20 years, published author and one of South Florida’s most dynamic business coaches will be here to explore the reasons why we are so busy and how we can maximize our time.  Although a business can be a huge part of our life it does not have to run our life. The business is merely a vehicle which provides us the resources to live the life we desire. Juan will help us break through our most difficult barriers using proven tools, methodologies and strategies which have been perfected with over 15,000 businesses worldwide for the past two decades. 

Chamber Monthly Luncheon Event

The Wellington Chamber of Commerce graciously welcomes members as well as prospective members to this monthly event. If you are a non-member and have not attended a Chamber event ( Luncheons, Chamber After Dark, WOW Events ) in the last six months, you are welcome to attend as a non-member. Non renewing members are not eligible to attend this event.

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