Pet Regulations & Vaccinations

All dogs and cats are required to wear a rabies license tag on or before the date a dog or cat is six (6) months of age; or within thirty (30) calendar days of acquiring a dog or cat; or within thirty (30) calendar days after a dog or cat resides in Palm Beach County, pursuant to PBC Ordinance 98-22. The non-sterilized rabies license tag is $75 and the sterilized rabies license tag is $15. Senior citizens 70+ receive a 25% discount. Tags are available at Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control, 7100 Belvedere Road, West Palm Beach or from participating private veterinary offices.

All dogs and cats are required to be vaccinated against rabies at four months of age in accordance to Florida State Statute 828.30. Ask your veterinarian about the three-year vaccine. Animals must have a one year history of a rabies vaccination before a three-year rabies vaccination can be administered.

The purchase of a non-sterilized tag without a hobby breeder permit certifies the pet will not be used for breeding. Breeding dogs and cats is prohibited in Palm Beach County without a special permit. For more information, call (561) 233-1209 or 1227.

Animal Care and Control encourages pet owners to have a permanent electronic identification chip implanted in their animals. For further information, call (561) 233-1200. To review the Palm Beach County Animal Ordinance 98—22 in its entirety, visit